Who we are

Our History

I founded Kaul Production 12 years ago and have worked in the media business and with commercial campaigns and content for more than 20 years as a Creative Director.

I’m originally educated in Communication from Roskilde University, but have always worked with my academic background in a creative world, using my own create skills and a more unorthodox approach on the projects that I have worked with. Creating meaningful stories and beauty at the same time, has always been is one of my strongest passions, and I always seek a great deal of credibility in my work for my clients. I’m deeply convinced that the consumers are bright, and that we always need to push things a little bit, when we approach other people.

Having something on our hearts is more relevant and more required than ever, when we are reaching out in our campaigns and in our content creating.

Today I´m proud to work with brands, that gives women a voice and who facilitates diversity; weather its how women are exposed differently in lingerie campaigns, to how women can inspire and empower other woman around the world.

I work with amazing and responsible clients everyday among them FEMILET by Chantelle, MASAI Clothing and COOP.

Katrine Kaul

Katrine Kaul has an incredible way of understanding our brand, and has taken a great part in the transformation we made during the last years. From finding the right spot in the world to create the story to making the whole team perform at their best. She understands the balance of pushing the borders and making me, as a customer, feel completely safe in the creation.

Tea Nørgaard Pedersen, Communication Director Femilet A/S