How we work

Its all about the right content.

The demand for content is continually increasing, and just posting campaign shoots on our Instagram profile will not keep the followers satisfied. We need new untold stories, authentic and strong stories that move us, and relevant stories to keep us connected to the brand.

Keeping up with all these platforms seems like a never-ending story these days. Digital content and videos is creating extra work for you, so instead of “just” doing two campaigns a year, you need to continually make new relevant stories and content for your platforms.

When the scale of content increases, you need help to create solutions to ensure, that you have relevant content, that all your content can be used and covers all your need and platforms.

We offer creative direction and fully integrated production of your campaigns that optimizes and ensure, that you will get the right content to constantly cover all your platforms. We also help you create the right stories and content that will personalize your content and make your brand attractive to both the press, the influencers and to the costumers.

Today we work with wonderful people and companies like; Masai Clothing, FEMILET and CL Group, COOP Denmark, Sofa Company, JOTEX Sweden, Garant, Social Works, Remee Group, Barfoed Group; and would love to work with you.


Creating and telling the right story is essential for the way we work. For us its not only about displaying products, but about giving relevans to the products, by telling the right stories that moves us and make us feel connected to ourselves, a community, a personal story and to a brand. We offer a unique storyline and campaign on all our productions, and we work individually with each of our clients to ensure, that we deliver new and unique content og stories every time.

Campaign production

We create campaigns and content on almost all levels and budgets; from big international shoots and campaigns to local productions. We take care of everything when it comes to production; from picking the right team, finding unique locations, travel and production planing, producing and creating the campaign, video production and SoMe content. In everything we work with and with all clients, we ensure a coherent campaign and your money is well spend.

Brand Attention

The media business is changing a lot these days and you and your brand need alternative ways to get your costumers attention. We help you get your campaign and the content flying, and we know from creating it, exactly how to work with it, and to expose it in both digital and printed media, TV and movie productions, among influencers, together with other brands and at unique gatherings. We customize the brand attention, so it fit your needs, and we create and work with your brand and the campaigns on a personal level with unique strategies and activities for each brand.

AW20 campaign for Femilet produced in Kyoto/Japan.