About Katrine Kaul

What I love the most?

Through my job as an interior stylist and creative director I am always searching for new looks and trends within both interior, design and fashion. I find my inspiration around the world where I constantly search for new innovative design, cool historical looks, and traditional craftmanship from native cultures. I´m not a sucker for nordic style and the big Scandinavian hertitage, actually I like to mix everything together and make new looks with different design traditions and expressions. I find a lot of inspiration from colors in the world of fashion, new expressions in art, and I have a special craving for beautiful fabrics and wallpaper.

Who I work with?

I work as an creative director, interior stylist and journalist for several magazines and publishers such as Aller Press, Elle, Egmont, Bonnier Benjamin and international publishers as Gestalten. My work is constantly featured in magazines as Elle Decoration, FEMINA, INDRET, Boligmagasinet, Costume Living, Luxury Aficionados and Mad & Bolig.

Beside the publishing features I work with creative consulting and directing. My list of clients are diverse and includes FEMILET/Chantelle, JOTEX, Geelmeyden Kiese, FDB Furniture, Social Works, Garant Carpets, Friday Communication, Coop, Aller Client Publishing, Brandhouse, Posy by Interflora and Sika Design.

Contact me?

Kaul Production
Norgesmindevej 21 1. Floor.
2900 DK-Hellerup.
Mail me at katrine@kaul.dk
Call me at +45 31101252.

Follow me on instagram on katrinekaul + myjourneycollection_official



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