Interior feature from Camilla Bjarnholt living in ´Porcelænshaven´

Danish Camilla Bjarnholt, Creative Business Director for MEC, is featured in this month in Danish Magazine ´Mad & Bolig´. The cool apartment in ´Porcelænshaven´ on Frederiksberg has also been featured in Femina last year. Photos By Dianna Nilsson, Styling and production Katrine Kaul.



skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-12-52 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-13-24 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-13-41 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-13-49 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-13-55 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-14-05 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-14-14 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-14-22 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-14-30 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-14-37 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-14-45 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-14-53 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-14-59 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-15-07 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-15-14 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-15-21 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-15-39 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-15-47 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-15-58 skaermbillede-2017-01-24-kl-16-16-10

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