Pastel & Nordic Kitchen…commercial coo-lab

Pastel & Nordic Kitchen.

Commercial cool lab between Aller Press/The Magazine FEMINA and Kitchen company TVIS. We made a case with a ´before and after´ kitchen feature with new colors such as light mint, and with new ways to store your kitchen tools. The looks is fresh, nordic and with a cool asymmetric function.


Cool details with HAy notebooks, Bang and Olufson Headphones and Designers Guild table wear and fabric bellow.


The kitchen in total from TVIS – Culture kitchen.


Pink kitchen bartable from Muuto.


Marble tray with tea from Muuto.


New cozy kitchen corner with lots of mint and pink, cushions from HAY and Designers Guild, chairs and table from Muuto.


Asymmetric ways to store your kitchen tools.


Stelton coffee on the table.


The moodboard the whole project was made from.


T hat is how the kitchen looked like before we started up with pure magic…its crazy…

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